Jocelyn Rahm


My path, both personally and professionally, has always involved one central organizing theme, which is the movement and propulsion towards greater wholeness.

I spent the first chapter of my career building and running an art department at a progressive secondary school in Los Angeles. I began to observe how inherently transformative the creative process is and decided to pursue a master’s degree that explored the intersection points between creativity, community and consciousness. I then spent 6 years in the consulting and coaching world committing myself to applying the creative process to personal development. In 2011 my husband and I followed the call to open up a shop and creative community space in Portland, Oregon called Beam & Anchor. We have spent the last 9 years building community, running our shop and bringing two children into the world.

In recent years, I have become fascinated by the idea that even though we tend to lose touch with our essential goodness somewhere along the way, it can be rediscovered. That our essential goodness is there within us all along and we just need to peel back the layers that keeps us from experiencing it. Through the process of doing significant self-study and therapeutic work under the guidance of multiple teachers from the Buddhist tradition, I have touched into the freedom that exists on the other side of doing "the work".

My hope for Peach is that it becomes a place in which we as a community can come together and experience that essential goodness both within ourselves and each other in a way that further reinforces the truth of who we are: whole and good beyond measure.

Frances Badalamenti


I am a parent, a creative writer and a counselor.

In my counseling practice, I lean on the modality of healing through narrative. I truly believe that in order to reach our full potentials and to find fulfillment and joy in life, we have to come face to face with our fears, traumas and dated belief systems. As I have done a lot of my own personal investigative work through the creative process of writing, I am familiar with the process and possibilities that come with writing through the pain. In addition to a committed writing practice, I hold a master’s degree in counseling psychology and have practiced as a counselor in both community mental health and private practice. I am also a seasoned project manager. And now I am merging these disciplines into what I call Creative Counseling.

My debut novel, I Don’t Blame You, was published in May 2019 and my second novel, Salad Days, is forthcoming in Fall 2021. My personal essays, interviews and stories can be found in The Believer Magazine, Longreads, Entropy, Vol. 1 Brooklyn and elsewhere.

You can read about both my counseling practice and creative writing at: francesbadalamenti.com

My hope for Peach is to provide support and inspiration through a vast array of creative and meditative practices. I also look forward to teaching and hosting writing-related workshops and gatherings