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Peach is a place to transform, to create, to teach and to be taught. A place to reimagine our lives, re-write our narratives, create, cook, transform, heal, share meals and make music. Peach is where we feel safe enough to peel back the layers of our conditioning and make contact with who we truly are. It is a place that reinforces our wholeness, where we are welcomed and fully embraced for the totality of who we are.

Peach is for our community to realize what’s possible when we do the work of waking up not just in silos but together. And what that means gets co-created together because this kind of work is always in progress, never complete, never static.
When it’s safe to gather again, our vision is for Peach to be a regenerative and restorative community hub. It will be a place to plug into what’s most essentially good about our true nature as human beings. Our true hope is that Peach will contribute in its own small way to the collective shift towards a new paradigm, a paradigm in which the interdependent and the interconnected nature of reality can no longer be disputed or ignored. It is a place for all of us, exactly as we are.